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Booking terms and conditions



These booking terms and conditions represent an agreement between you and the hotel. Unless special terms have been agreed on, the following rules will apply. You must be at least 18 years old to book one of our apartments. The person who makes the booking is always responsible for any other guests staying in the same room. The number of guests and their names must be the same as stated in the booking. Personal identification will be requested at check-in.

Special rules apply for group bookings and guests with agreements.

Your booking

Your booking is binding once it has been confirmed by the hotel and you have received a booking reference. When making a booking, you are required to state your arrival and departure times as well as your name and e-mail address/telephone number.

Arrival and departure

Check-in starts at 3 pm on the day of arrival.

You must check out by 12 pm at the latest on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the hotel.

Booking cancellations

The rules for cancelling bookings vary according to the type of booking. Please read the detailed description in the booking confirmation you received when making your booking. See our general cancellation rules below:

17 consecutive nights: Cancellation is free of charge up to 6 pm. on the day beföre arrival. The cost of one night's accommodation will be charged in the event of a later cancellation or earlier departure.

8-29 consecutive nights: Cancellation is free of charge up to four days prior to arrival. The cost of four nights' accommodation will be charged in the event of a later cancellation or earlier departure.

30+ Cancellation is free of charge up to eight days prior to arrival. The cost of eight nights' accommodation will be charged in the event of a later cancellation or earlier departure.

Please note that other cancellation rules may apply for group bookings and guests with corporate agreements as well as for special offers.

Changes to the duration of stay

If you have booked a certain period of accommodation, but choose to leave earlier, this may result in an adjustment to the cost of those nights already spent with us and of those leading up to the new date of departure. The price per night may be adjusted if the date of departure is earlier than previously agreed.


While payment in advance is required for certain prices to be applicable, payment is otherwise due at check-in. Please read the detailed payment terms and conditions in your booking confirmation. Please note that we do not accept cash.

Storage of valuables and luggage

As security for a claim against a guest, the hotel has the legal right to keep luggage and, in certain cases and in line with established rules, also to sell it. Please do not leave luggage unattended in public areas inside the hotel. We offer luggage storage as a service, but are never responsible for anything you choose to leave with us. The hotel is not obliged to store very valuable property. Neither does the hotel have any strict liability for any property you store in our apartments.

Your own safety

For security reasons, we only allow checked-in guests unrestricted access to our hotel, along with our staff. All visitors must identify themselves at reception. Visitors are only aallowed in hotel apartments up to 10 pm. Always take note of the location of emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers on your floor. Please read the emergency evacuation plan carefully. This plan is located either on the inside of the door to your apartment or by the stairwell.

What are my obligations?

As a guest, you are required to take good care of your apartment and to comply with all applicable rules. Guests must not disturb other guests. A guest who disturbs others, or who in any other way fails to fulfil their obligations according to this contract, may be asked to leave the hotel. In such cases, the guest has no right to claim a refund.

Smoking in our apartments or in other areas of the building is strictly prohibited and may trigger an automatic fire alarm. Care should also be taken not to set off the fire alarm when using stoves. A person who activates a fire alarm due to negligence will be responsible for any resulting costs. Apartment residents are entirely responsible for any damage they cause either to the hotel or to a third party or as a result of any actions in violation of this contract. Intentional deeds or actions that violate the hotel’s security policy may be grounds for the immediate cancellation of a booking.

The Biz Apartment complaints policy

We operate according to the guidelines for hotel accommodation in Sweden established by the industry and employers’ association for the Swedish hospitality sector, VISITA.

Cleaning and changes of linen

Cleaning is carried out and sheets and towels are changed every seven days. Additional cleaning can be arranged for an additional fee. Special rules may apply for group bookings and guests with corporate agreements.